Cusp-a point of transition, as from one historical period to the next;
the borders between the twelve astrological signs.
You are considered to be "on the cusp" if you were born
within a day or two of the beginning or end of any sign.

The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak, 1863; Albert Bierstadt

10 February 2010

Memorial of Saint Scholastica, virgin

The eyes of all look hopefully to You; You give them their food in due season. (Psalm 145:15)

Food For The Poor
Dear Friend of the Poor,
I'm writing to ask for your help in feeding hungry children.
Please Give Today Throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, count-
less mothers are unable to ease their children's
hunger pains. Like Mary watching her Son in agony
on the cross, these mothers must bear the pain of
helplessly watching their children suffer.
During the season of Lent, we reflect on the ultimate
sacrifice Christ made for us. What better way to honor and glorify Him
than by making a sacrifice to help others who are suffering? Our Lenten 
devotional calendar features daily Gospel readings and suggested
activities that encourage us all to embrace the sacrificial spirit of Lent.
Through Jesus' selfless act of love, we have the gift of eternal life. I'm
praying that you will share Christ's love with others by giving a gift to
provide lifesaving food to hungry children and their families. Your sacrifi-
cial gift will help answer the prayers of desperate mothers who struggle
as their children suffer. Your compassion and generosity will be a testa-
ment to the love of Christ shining through you.
"I give you a new commandment: love one another.
As I have loved you, so you also should love one 
another." (John 13:34)
May God bless you abundantly.
A servant of the poor,
Robin Mahfood
Robin G. Mahfood

Saint Scholastica

Born in Nursia (Nurcia), Italy, c. 480 (?); died near Monte Cassino, Italy, c. 543. Almost everything we know about Saint Scholastica comes from the Dialogues of Saint Gregory the Great.

Saint Scholastica, twin sister of Saint Benedict of Nursia who founded of the Benedictine order, was consecrated to God at a very early age but probably continued to live in her parents' home. It is said that she was as devoted to Jesus as she was to her brother. So, when Benedict established his monastery at Monte Cassino, Scholastica founded a convent in nearby Plombariola, about five miles south of Monte Cassino. The convent is said to have been under the direction of her brother, thus she is regarded as the first Benedictine nun.

The siblings were quite close. The respective rules of their houses proscribed either entering the other's monastery. According to Saint Gregory, they met once a year at a house near Monte Cassino monastery to confer on spiritual matters, and were eventually buried together, probably in the same grave. Saint Gregory says, "so death did not separate the bodies of these two, whose minds had ever been united in the Lord."

Just after his return to Monte Cassino, Benedict saw a vision of Scholastica's soul departing her body, ascending to heaven in the form of a dove. She died three days after their last meeting. He placed her body in the tomb he had prepared for himself, and arranged for his own to be placed there after his death.

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